Just in case you missed the fine print on the other pages:

Sailing is a weather dependant activity and weather is  fairly unpredictable, which means that it may be a risky activity.  However,  all our skippers are US Coast Guard licensed and vessels meet or exceed US Coast Guard requirements.  Carrera Sailing has a valid commercial docking permit and is insured in accordance with the City of Monterey's regulations.  "Carrera" is a drug free, zero tolerance vessel.  We reserve the right to cancel charters due to lack of interest, mechanical problems or adverse weather conditions.  "Carrera" has a six passenger maximum.  We do not have provisions for children under 3 years old or pets.  Generally, we will cancel any charter when the sustaining winds are 25 knots or more or the seas are 8 feet or more in less than 11 second duration.  If that is the case, we will cheerfully refund your deposit.

Carrera Sailing Charters
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